Training and development is the study of how structured experiences help employees gain work-related knowledge, skill, and attitudes. It is like many other topics in management in that it is inherently multidisciplinary in nature. At its core is the psychological study of learning and transfer.


Focusing on a specialization in training can be diverse and interesting for an I/O psychologist. This area basically entails establishing training needs and implementing various programs to help advance the skills, expertise, and education of employees. As with coaching, many positions and opportunities exist for freelance consulting. Alternatively, positions may be had with one company, usually in Human Resources.

Training specialists use many techniques to establish training needs; some of which include surveys, personal interviews, job analysis, and observation. This is usually an ongoing procedure as training needs will change from year to year. Training specialists are also charged with creating various programs that are suitable and advantageous to employees. Some programs and training offerings may include e-learning, in-house classes, off-site classroom training, CBT (computer-based training), and traditional college classes.